With Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia, Reading Comprehension is the Key

For kids with dyslexia and learning disabilities, reading comprehension is the key

Had a students who reading fluency was at the 43rd percentile and her comprehension was at the 12th percentile and the reading composite was at the 22nd percentile — who cares.

For kids with learning disabilities and dyslexia, reading comprehension is the key.  The report said her reading was in the average range — because anything over 20% at least low average.

While reading fluency, how well a child reads and how well they recognize words are both critical for reading comprehension, the only valid measure of reading comprehension is reading comprehension.  Everything else is interesting, but does not get to the core issues.

A list of dyslexia symptoms may list reading fluency challenges as one of the issues, I would put one of the symptoms of dyslexia at the very top – reading comprehension issues.

If a school is assessing your child for a learning disability or dyslexia, insist on their testing your child’s present level of reading comprehension.

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